1,084 and counting…

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 15.19.04

Monkey puzzle spotters everywhere continue to be hard at work. Agent Philip sent in three from his regular monkey hunting companion Lindsey – they are CH91 in Heswall, CH92 in Thingwall, and a third in Wallasy – which had already been spotted by Ronnie – CH23 (I’ve added Lindsey’s photo to the catalogue entry).

A familiar sight for monkey hunters - stop the car, there's one! CH92

A familiar sight for monkey hunters – stop the car, there’s one! CH92

Agent Philip continues the good work in CH with CH93 in Bidston, a lovely ‘misty monkey’ photo, and CH94 in West Kirby, sadly looking a bit neglected.

Misty monkey. CH93

Misty monkey. CH93

In Liverpool my friend Bren spotted ‘front and back monkeys’ in Hale – these are L107 and L108 which are in the front and back garden of a house in Pheasant Field. On my travels in south Liverpool I spotted another just outside Woolton village on Speke Road, L109. And, also on my travels getting the car fixed after a breakdown in Southport (yes, everything is an opportunity for monkey hunting), a juvenile tree in Sussex Road PR17. PR is a gradually growing postcode area, as can be seen from the map below, plus the very popular L collection of the A59:

PR map

Meanwhile over in SY Agent Simon has been busy. As you may recall Simon found an avenue of 39 monkey puzzle trees on part of the Leighton estate – and many others too. The Leighton estate is featured on a blog post here, and pictures of all 39 of the monkey puzzle trees (yes, Simon photographed each one individually), are on a post here. So SY was already doing very well, at 92, but has just made another leap up to 104 – yes the second postcode area to cross the 100 mark. Good work Agent Simon!

Simon recently enjoyed a day trip to Borth in west Wales – observing that the SY area does in fact cover a huge area. Simon’s latest finds are a cluster around Glandyfi Castle, which is a Regency folly (now a B&B), and along the A470 towards the bird reserve at Yyns Hir.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.03.25

This is the first tree SY93 at Glandyfi Castle, a very fine tree, and perhaps the inspiration for some of the others Simon found nearby?

SY93 Glandyfi castle

SY93 at Glandyfi Castle.

Other finds are SY94 at Glandyfi Lodge, SY95 at Edlwysfach, SY96 at Ynys Hir, and nearby SY97 at Tre’r-ddol. Two mature trees in Talybont SY98 and SY99 (Simon noted that in the directions for the walk it said ‘monkey puzzles line the track’ but he only found these two). And SY100 in Ty Craig. More finds in Shrewsbury – SY101 at Shrewsbury School, SY102 in Kenwood Road, and SY103 in nearby Uffington (almost hidden by forsythia), and SY104 at Osbaston.

Simon’s latest finds put SY at 104 – so in the ‘top three’ we have L at 109, SY at 104 and CH at 94 (not that it’s a competition you understand?).

And Simon didn’t stop there. He’s also found more trees in TF. First is TF14, which Simon has traced back to the grounds of Haybridge Hall, seen below in 1947 – the hall was demolished and new housing has since been built, but the monkey puzzle tree remains.

TF14 Haybridge

TF14 on Haybridge Road.

Two more finds from Simon in TF – TF15 and TF16. And a final tree in Betws-y-Coed, LL20.



One of my new Twitter friends – Amateur Botanics (Ed Mathison) has been out an about in Cornwall and sent this lovely tree from Penzance Youth Hostel – TR2. Only the second in TR, but I’m sure there must be many more. A lovely ‘blue sky’ photo here from Penzance:



We’ve also had a bit of ‘international’ activity – there are 11 ‘rest of the world’ monkey trees on the catalogue – three in the US (one in NY state, two in WA), two in Canada (in British Columbia), one in New Zealand, and now five in Ireland. The Ireland catalogue includes latest finds from Raymond –  IE4 in Clonakilty in Co. Clare, and IE5 at Ardgillan Castle in Balbriggan from Mary O’Hara on Twitter spotted by Agent Philip. (Please note ‘international monkeys’ are not yet mapped).

So, they’re the latest additions to the catalogue which is now at a very nice 1,084 monkeys – Scotland, and England and Wales, shown below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 15.15.16

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 15.14.45

But, why not take a look yourself – the interactive Google map is here – and you can have a look at the place where you live and see where there are monkey puzzle trees. (Please note, there is still a small backlog of monkeys which are not yet on the map in LS, NE, YO and TN… our hugely resourced monkey central team – me – is working on that soon). And of course send me details of any trees you find. Thanks everyone for being out there spotting monkeys – good work everyone. And remember – keep your eyes peeled!


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