Kent complete

If you’re a regular monkey puzzle hunter – and I know there are a few of you tirelessly dedicated to the task! – then you’ll know that it is with great joy that I receive all monkeys to contribute to the catalogue. And some of you join in by sending me monkeys that you see in your neighbourhoods or on your travels, but some of you have already done some of your own collating of monkey puzzle trees. Yes, I was delighted to discover that there are indeed ‘people like me’ who have collected significant numbers of monkey puzzle trees!

One of these was Matthew Pottage, who sent me his lovely collection of trees, mostly photographs gathered when he was a young lad growing up in Hull – the post of his collection of Hull monkeys is here, and the rest of his monkeys are here. Matthew’s monkeys contributed 79 trees to the catalogue – and I was very grateful for him to share so freely.

Similarly Bridgette Ashton had already been collecting monkey puzzle trees in Kent, and produced two publications of her findings. Much like my own cataloguing she has been helped by other monkey puzzle fans who send her their photographs of monkey puzzle trees. I introduced Bridgette in the post ‘The Kent Collection’, and it has been really interesting for me, as someone who is very unfamiliar with Kent, to spend so much time mapping ‘her’ trees.

The Kent monkeys fall into five postcode areas – in BR, DA, CT, ME and TN. Bridgette has produced a book which contains images of the monkey puzzle trees – I have used many of these for the catalogue, but if possible I’ve found them on Google and used a street view image. I’d particularly enjoyed the ‘ME’ monkeys and exploring the coastal area in particular – I wrote about that area here in ‘Medway meanderings’, and am planning to visit this spring.

Anyway, what with one thing and another (demands on my time like my professional work as a funeral celebrant), I’d not actually got all the Kent monkeys on the Google map – and had a small backlog of monkey puzzle trees in TN (as well as the North East in LS, NE and YO). But today I completed the backlog and can now report that not only is ‘Kent complete’, but that there are 1,079 UK monkeys on the map, with 11 ‘international’ ones also catalogued, giving a total of 1,090 monkey puzzle trees – each one catalogued by me.

Bridgette’s Kent monkeys have added 102 trees to the catalogue:

Artist Ashton's monkey puzzle trees of Kent.

Artist Ashton’s monkey puzzle trees of Kent.

And the map of Kent looks like this:


I’ve really enjoyed spending so much time ‘in Kent’ in a virtual sense. It was great to explore somewhere unfamiliar, and occasionally my ‘Googling’ would turn up new monkey puzzle trees, which have been added to the catalogue. And there are a few other Kent monkeys from others – which I’ve listed at the end of this post.

When you ‘map’ monkeys, I find it’s really interesting to see other monkeys that are nearby – this happened with these four ‘ME’ monkeys, all of which are on London Road:

London Road, Maidstone

London Road, Maidstone

So, thanks to Bridgette for sharing ‘her’ monkeys and adding to the catalogue. And when I say ‘Kent complete’ obviously I’m sure there are more Kent monkeys, so if you have any additions for the catalogue, please do get in touch.

In addition to Bridgette’s monkeys – there are another ten trees in Kent here on the catalogue:

BRBR6 in Orpington, spotted by Agent Millwall MPT.

CTCT1 in Walmer, CT4 in Whitstable (next road to Bridgette’s CT3), and CT38, CT39, CT40 in Broadstairs, all from Agent Green.

MEME5, another tree in Love Lane cemetery.

TNTN1 at Coolings Garden Centre spotted by Agent Millwall MPT, TN2 and TN3 in Sevenoaks from Agent Green.


This ‘Monkey Map’ project is a personal project and the work of me, Sarah Horton. I am helped by my task of cataloguing all monkeys by keen monkey puzzle hunters who also do this in their free time. It is a work of personal passion and brings me great joy. Thank you everyone for your support. 


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