Spring is in the air

Spring is definitely in the air – and monkey hunters have been busy and here are the latest finds.

First, I love this photo sent in by Agent Philip, it’s one of Agent Lindsey’s finds over on the Wirral.

CH103, Padstow Road, Greasy.

CH103, Padstow Road, Greasby.

I’m a big tulip fan so this photo contains two of my most loved botanical species! For those of you who read the caption, you’ll see that the CH catalogue has indeed passed the 100 mark! And this is mostly down to the good work of Agent Philip and Agent Lindsey. Good work both of you. The CH additions are CH95 in Irby (actually spotted by me on our way through to go to Thurstaston, a pesky back garden monkey on Philip’s ‘patch’!). Agent Philip’s recent finds are CH96 in West Kirby, CH97 on Spital Road, CH98 in Woodbank, a very attractively located monkey:

CH98, Woodbank.

CH98, Woodbank.

There’s more! CH99 in Upton Road, CH100 on Park Drive, CH101 on Ashville Road (must have driven past both of these more times that I can count!)

CH101, Ashville Road.

CH101, Ashville Road.

Over in Greasby we have CH102, and CH103 (pictured above with tulips), and another of Lindsey’s finds CH104. And finally, CH105 from Agent Philip’s sister Anita. Yes, eventually family members and friends of monkey hunters will get roped in to help!

Down in EN, we have EN3 and EN4 from Agent Green. EN3 is in the grounds of Capel Manor College, and Agent Green tells me that EN4 is in part of Myddelton House’s Gardens, which are open to the public for free, and the Monkey Puzzle is located in the part of the garden called the ‘Lunatic Asylum’ as all the trees and plants planted there are in some way a bit bizarre. You may recall that Agent Green only catalogues trees that he has seen in person, but always shares them with me, and uses the same postcode cataloguing system. His blog post about his finds is here.

And through Twitter a lovely photo of a tree in Richmond Park, TW16, many thanks to Jon Bradfield for this

TW16, Richmond Park

TW16, Richmond Park

Agent Simon has another for TF, this is TF17 – in an estate called Hollinswood near Telford – in Deepdale – looking at the map I noticed that all road names begin with D! Dellamore, Dunstone, Downemead, Deercote… and so on.

And a lovely tree in BH – in Broadstone, BH7 – Agent Philip found the tree on the internet, it also appears on Geograph and was photographed by John Palmer. The details say:

This huge Chilean Pine stands at the entrance to the Broadway, surrounded by pavement, road, shops and supermarkets. With a girth of 2.50 metres, it is Broadstones’s landmark after climbing the long hill from Poole. Planted in the front garden of Burton House, long vanished, it should now be on Broadstone’s crest.



It’s nice to see that even though the house was demolished, the tree has survived the ‘redevelopment’ of the high street. There’s also a photograph of a Monterey Pine from the back garden of Burton House – also on Geograph photographed by John Palmer. (Both photos used under Creative Commons Licence).

Our SE agents have been quiet lately – but I was pleased to see that in Nelson Square there are some new additions to SE10, our arboricultural equivalent of a Millwall fan, is now joined by three youngsters.

Agent Millwall MPT tells me, “The smaller twins are named Sid and Aiden after the two youngsters form the under 21s who joined the Millwall senior team and the slightly bigger one is named after Ed Upson (who got a red card on Tuesday) but nevertheless a truly gifted player.  Millwall may or may not avoid relegation Sid Aiden and Ed all want season tickets for the 2015-6 season.”


Welcome to youngsters SE21, SE22 and SE23 – they are all ‘adorable’!

There’s another Cornwall tree in the catalogue now, PL13 – this is ‘Nicky Reed’s tree’, which she planted herself. You can read about her in my post – here – and why planting trees in memory of loved ones is extremely comforting.

And I found myself today driving up to Southport again, to revisit the garage where I had my car fixed last month for a minor bit of completion to the repair. I hadn’t planned to visit again so soon, but that was where the car broke down which is why it was repaired there. Anyway, as it turns out, it was a good day – for monkey hunting. I remembered there was a tree I’d seen on my last visit which I couldn’t then find on Google – and sure enough, I got it today. That’s PR18 on Unit Road (strange name for a road I thought). As I turned the car round, I then spotted another one across the road PR19.

And then, as I approached Southport I passed the lovely Birkdale Cemetery.

Birkdale Cemetery.

Birkdale Cemetery.

This is a beautiful cemetery, full of lovely gravestones.


And – now – 14 monkey puzzle trees! Yes, I couldn’t believe it.

PR20to33 line

On the road boundary of the cemetery, in a single line are 14 juvenile monkey puzzle trees, which look like they have been fairly recently planted. A lovely planting of municipal monkeys. Here they all are:

PR Birkdale Cemetery2

And finally on my way home I visited a garden centre at Ince Blundell (well, every gardener knows there’s alway space for another plant, or plants!), and on leaving I spotted this tree in the village – L110, yes we have crossed back from PR to L.

And so, dear monkey puzzle fans everywhere, you’ll be pleased to know that we have three postcode areas over 100 now – CH at 105, SY at 104 and L at 110, and the catalogue at 1,123 trees in total. Who’d have thought when I tentatively put up my first few posts back in October 2013 that we’d have achieved so many wonderful sightings of monkey puzzle trees?! Thanks to all of you who have helped the catalogue to continue growing – this is progress to date. Good work everyone.

-MPT chart


This ‘Monkey Map’ project is a personal project and the work of me, Sarah Horton. I am helped by my task of cataloguing all monkeys by keen monkey puzzle hunters who also do this in their free time. It is a work of personal passion and brings me great joy. Thank you everyone for your support. 


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