West Cork to Orkney

Cork MPT map

I have just returned from a trip to county Cork in Ireland, spending some time in Cork city, but mostly out on the Beara peninsula based in the village of Allihies. Allihies is a village in Ireland being the furthest village from Dublin, some 394 km away (or 244 miles). I found 15 monkeys in Cork – and their locations are a map of our trip. CO5 opposite Cork Kent Station as we arrived. CO6, CO7, CO8, CO9 from our drive to Bantry along the R585. CO10, CO11, CO12 near Bantry. CO12 up by Dinish Island near Castletownbere, CO14 on the way to Glengarrif, and CO15 in Glengarriff (for an amazing visit to Inacullan Island and the garden there, blog post here). CO16 just outside Roseberry on our way home, with three finds in Clonakilty CO17, CO18 and CO19. And so I am very pleased to report that represents a good addition to monkeys in Ireland, which now looks like this (the base map is from Google):

The 'All Ireland' map of monkey puzzle trees

The ‘All Ireland’ map of monkey puzzle trees

There were already a few trees in the catalogue for Ireland, some in Cork from Raymond, and one north of Dublin from Agent Philip, and some recent additions in Belfast and Donegal from Agent Doug. I’ve now catalogued all of them as ‘IE’ monkeys, just as sport in Ireland is free from political divisions.

Other recent additions to the catalogue, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

AL1 – a first for ‘AL’ (St Albans postcode area), which is in Welwyn Garden City, thanks to Andrew for this.

B10 and B11 – in Kingstanding from Agent Helen.

BA1 – first monkey in Bath, spotted by me in Locksbrook Cemetery.



BB5 – in Barnoldswick from Agent Gemma on her travels in her new car.

BS27 – seen by me from the train travelling from Bristol Parkway to Birmingham.

BS28, BS29 and BS30 – all in Bristol, thanks to Agent Green. You can find his blog here – he only catalogues trees he has seen in person.



CH141 – Latchford Road, thanks to Agent Anita.

CH142 and CH143 – from Agent Philip, on a personal mission to map the Wirral’s monkeys!

DG44 – Kirkconnel near Dumfries from Wisbey Wonder Woman.

DT1 – Agent Jim hard at work again, with a first for DT. Good work.



E6 – in Hackney, sent by Mabley Green Users, is a very small urban tree already producing cones.



GL23 to GL25 – a photo of ‘lots’ at Batsford Arboretum from Harry Watkins on Twitter, spotted by Robbie. (I counted three trees).

HD4 and HD5 – thanks to Agent Hoey, vigilant as ever.

IP5 – a very fine tree in Suffolk. There was a planning application to reduce this tree by eight metres in height – but, thanks in part to our monkey loving friends who took the time to object, this has resulted in the application to cut this lovely tree being withdrawn. Long may it remain so.



IP6 – another addition to the Suffolk catalogue from Agent Millwall MPT.

IP7 – and another in Suffolk from Sophie Leguil.

KT3 – another from Agent Green, spotted whilst taking a ‘wrong turn’, which is often how it goes!

KW1 – Am delighted to be featuring this tree, which Janice Edwards sent in from Orkney. It’s our most northern monkey, and was planted about ten years ago, and is ‘doing pretty well’. Thank you Janice. (And also Martin who is 6’4″ so a handy size guide for the tree). Janice tells me that they bought the tree in East Lothian, and that there are a few in Orkney now, so look forward to featuring them here.


L104 – not a new find, but an additional photo from Patricia, thanks.

L119L121L122 – spotted by me as I am out about with my work.

L120 and L123 – from Agent Jane keeping her eyes peeled up in north Liverpool.

LL28 and LL29 – in North Wales from Amanda Taylor (and a couple more in WA further down this list).

LL30 to LL61 – yes a great find of 32 trees in the forest at Newborough from Robbie. And here they all are – must have been expecting  a stegosaurus to pop up at any time!


32 trees at Newborough

LL62 – another Anglesey find from Robbie.

LL63 – spotted by me from the train to Holyhead on the way to Cork.

LL64 – at Crug Farm Plants also from Robbie.

LS105 to LS107 – three young trees in the grounds of St James’s Hospital, continuing Leeds’ excellent municipal monkey planting, spotted by Agent Hoey.

NP10 – a fantastic mature tree in a front garden in Newport, which Sam told me about – he lives there. Lucky Sam!



OX3 – a fine front garden tree in Oxford, thanks to Sara Oldfield.

PL325 – in Agent Jim’s patch, a spooky looking tree at Horndon in Dartmoor, thanks to Agent Philip for spotting this from Rachel Burch on Twitter.



PL326, PL327 and PL328 – more ‘PL’ trees from Agent Jim (who is responsible for the huge numbers of monkeys catalogued there). These are in the Boconnoc estate in an area called Druid’s Hill. The area is burnt off and only two trees survive, although they look rather sorry. There is a large tree on the edge of the burnt area, PL328. Jim tells me that according to the inscription on the plinth of a wayside cross that stands on the summit of the hill it was “once the site of druid idolatry and in later times the scene of civil bloodshed”.

PL326 and 327

PL326 and 327

PR35 and PR36 – both in Haig Avenue from Sue Long in Southport.

SA-X1 – sadly an ‘ex-monkey’ (so doesn’t increase the catalogue numbers), but interesting to note the good use made of this tree, thanks to Agent Doug. This is in Cwmdonkin Park in Swansea and has been turned into a sculpture by Mark Folds. It’s called ‘Dylan’s Pencil’ after Dylan Thomas as this was one of his favourite places in the city. It’s now a favourite for young children, including Agent Doug’s son.



The park was opened in 1874 – so you’d expect a monkey puzzle tree – and the tree is just visible on the left on this old photograph of the park (which is spelt Cwmdonkyn Park in this photo):

Cwmdonkyn Park

SY127 – on an estate at The Quinta just outside Weston Rhyn from Sarah Burden who is going to try and propagate the seeds.

WA11 – another of Agent Philip’s finds, in Frodsham.

W7 – rather unusual with a rose growing around the trunk and two gnomes climbing it, thanks Agent Green.



WA9 and WA10 – snapped at Gullivers World by Amanda Taylor whilst supervising children queuing for rides! Good work.



YO26 – in Scarborough from Agent Hoey again.

The catalogue is now at 2,136 monkey puzzle trees, with trees in 100 different postcode areas in the UK (there are 121 in total). So, thanks everyone for sending in your finds and remember, keep your eyes peeled!


This ‘Monkey Map’ project is a personal project and the work of me, Sarah Horton.
I am helped by my task of cataloguing all monkeys by keen monkey puzzle hunters who also do this in their free time.
It is a work of personal passion and brings me great joy. Thank you everyone for your support. 


2 thoughts on “West Cork to Orkney

  1. Hi Sarah – I’d like to report a recently-planted row of young monkey puzzle trees in the cemetery, Liverpool Road, Ainsdale. (PR8) I’ll get some photos next week.

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