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This is the postcode area for LA, which covers the Lancaster area and also extends into south Cumbria. I’d had a good monkey hunting expedition around Grange-Over-Sands, finding 16 trees in one day, as reported here. I was then given a few ‘Lake District’ trees from Matthew Pottage which don’t have exact locations (LA19, LA20, LA21, LA22 if you recognise any of them), and a single find in Kendal LA23 from Dom and Sarah, or Agents Jones as they are known.

I went on a walking holiday in Arnside and Silverdale in May this year, that’s the area north of Morecambe, a really lovely place. It was my first visit and I will definitely be back.

Morecambe Bay from Park Point

Morecambe Bay from Park Point, Arnside

On my trip I found 14 trees, some in Silverdale and some on the way home around Lancaster and Morecambe – LA24 at Yealand Redmayne, LA25 at Scot Cragg Caravan Park, LA26 and LA27 in Arnside, LA28 at Challan Hall, LA29 in Arnside. Driving home I took a scenic route finding LA30 in Sandside, LA31 in Bolton le Sands, LA32 at Hest Bank, several in Heysham – LA33LA34LA35, and two in Lancaster LA36, and the sadly de-crowned LA37 two doors away.

And then a lovely pair LA38 and LA39 from Agent Sew at Aynsome Manor near Cartmel, meant that the LA catalogue was off to a good start.

But there’s more to come! I’ve already introduced Agent John in Fife, who very kindly sent me a huge backlog of photos of monkey puzzle trees that he’s been collecting over several years. As you would expect lots of these are in and around Fife, and I’ve reported the DD trees here (but more recent finds to follow), and also the rest of Scotland here. John’s first trees in LA are LA40 and LA41. LA41 in Prizet is a lovely tree, and here’s another view of it as a joke album cover (I like it):

LA40 Prizet Kendal dark side

Agent Philip slipped into the LA catalogue with LA42 at Crook O’Lune.

John’s gone on to send me a whole load more LA trees, and I’ve discovered why – he has a holiday home in Silverdale, so spends time in the area and has been busy hunting. So here are John’s LA finds:

LA43 to LA46, four trees in a garden Townsfield in Silverdale.

LA47, Scotforth Road, Lancaster.



LA48, Birch Road, and LA49, Rothay Road, both in Ambleside.

Sadly the tree on Compston Road in Ambleside has been felled, LA-X3. (Felled trees get a catalogue reference as ‘X’ but don’t add to the catalogue numbers, and appear on the map as a grey dot.)



LA52, Ings, Cumbria.

LA53, Low Road, Halton.

In Lancaster – LA54, Barley Cop Lane,  LA55, Greaves Road, LA65, Williamson Park, LA71, Torrishome Road, LA50, Haverbreaks Road, and LA51, Hayes Garden World.



LA56, LA57, LA58, and LA59, in Happy Mount Park, Morecambe.

LA60, A591 near Windermere.

In Silverdale – LA61, Cove Road, LA62, Stankelt Road, LA66, Birch Drive, LA73, Emesgate Lane.

In Carnforth – LA63, Borwick Lane, and LA70, Tarn Lane.

LA64, Brackenthwaite.

LA67, LA68 in next door houses in Barrows Green.



LA69, Milton Moor Farm, near Milnthorpe.

LA72, Rashly Drive/Marine Drive, in Hest Bank.

LA74, Galgate marina on the Lancaster canal.



And with his LA finds, John also sent a few from the next postcode area PR – PR38 and PR39 in Brock. PR40 on Garstang Road, and PR41 in Cabus. John also called in to Barton Grange Garden Centre and spotted a good selection of monkeys for sale, although a bit pricey, but always nice to see them available.

PR Barton Grange Garden Centre

Good work John, thanks!

So if you want to visit John’s LA monkeys for yourself, or you simply want to visit that part of the country, you can find details of John’s very nice looking cottage here – it’s available to rent for two or three nights or by the week.


This ‘Monkey Map’ project is a personal project and the work of me, Sarah Horton.
I am helped by my task of cataloguing all monkeys by keen monkey puzzle hunters who also do this in their free time.
It is a work of personal passion and brings me great joy. Thank you everyone for your support.


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