Postcode challenge

15.11 MPT postcodes

OK, a challenge. I decided to use the UK postcode system for my cataloguing system so I could keep track of tree locations. The catalogue is currently at 2,261 monkey puzzle trees in the UK, and including crown dependencies and international finds it’s at 2,425 – so quite a lot of trees to keep tabs on!

The Google map groups all the postcodes in an area on one layer – so there are nine layers:

North West, Wales and Shropshire, West Midlands, London and South East, South West, East, North East, Scotland and then International.

In the catalogue there are now trees in 102 of the postcode areas of the UK, which has 121 postcode areas.

And the challenge? Well, can you be the first person to spot a monkey puzzle tree in one of the 19 ‘missing’ postcode areas? The reward? Well, nothing, except as the latest agent tells me:

My reward is the adrenaline rush when a Monkey is  bagged!

Thanks to Agent Baxter who I will be introducing shortly. But first – the challenge. The missing postcodes areas. They are:

In the North West – M. Yes, curiously no monkey puzzle trees spotted yet in the Manchester area.

In London and South East there are the most ‘gaps’. These are:
CR (Croydon), EC (City of London), IG (Ilford), LU (Luton), RM (Romford), SG (Stevenage), SM (Sutton), UB (Uxbridge), and WC (West Central London).

In the South West:
PO (Portsmouth), SP (Salisbury) and TA (Taunton).

In the East:
CO (Colchester), PE (Peterborough).
(Note – NN, Nuneaton, was on this list, but has just arrived in the catalogue, thanks to the latest agent to join the team).

In the North East – just SR (Sunderland).

In Scotland:
FK (Falkirk), ML (Motherwell) and ZE (Shetland). And apologies to Agents Edwin and Hubble because I have previously reported no monkeys in HS (Harris), but in fact they do have a tree in Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis that they sent me in the catalogue – HS1.

So, dear monkey hunters everywhere, do you fancy the challenge?


This ‘Monkey Map’ project is a personal project and the work of me, Sarah Horton.
I am helped by my task of cataloguing all monkeys by keen monkey puzzle hunters who also do this in their free time.
It is a work of personal passion and brings me great joy. Thank you everyone for your support.


38 thoughts on “Postcode challenge

    • If you can send an exact location (address) and photograph I can add to the catalogue. Many thanks for your interest. Sarah
      PS We do have a few already up in IV and always happy to have more.

  1. Hi there is a monkey puzzle tree growing on Dartmoor at PL19 9JZ not sure may be two lived there they are in the garden they were there in the 1960
    p.s there are some growing in Torquay devon.

    • If you can send an exact location (address) and photograph I can add to the catalogue. Many thanks for your interest. Sarah
      ps yes have a couple in Torquay, you can check location on the Google map.

  2. There is one in the front garden of a hotel on The Heads in Keswick, Cumbria. Also one in my road in Chorley, Lancashire.

    • If you can send an exact location (address) and photograph I can add to the catalogue.
      There is one in The Heads already, you can check the location on the Google map.
      Many thanks for your interest. Sarah

  3. My mums monkey puzzle tree has had seeds for the 1st time in 40 yrs.located at S70 5DB Have planted some on and are doing fine

  4. Hi, we’re in Norwich & have a monkey puzzle of about 40ft high. We’ve been wondering how old it is & how it came to be in our back garden. We know that our road used to be a first world war repatriation army camp.
    Any thoughts appreciated.

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