Keighley calling

I was away in Stroud the other weekend and when I returned to my computer and email, I was over-run with monkey puzzle trees!

Graham from Keighley had done a very enthusiastic job of saying how inspirating the Monkey Map project was, and because of him it was mentioned not once, but twice on Radio Leeds. First on the morning gardening programme with Tim and Joe, you can hear that here. Here we discover that Graham from Keighley is ‘chomping at the bit’ to grow his own monkey puzzle tree and asked for advice. Presenter Tim Crowther then put the link to the Monkey Map website on their Facebook page… and I received lots of sightings.

Later on Radio Leeds mentioned the website again, on Nick Ahad’s programme. and you can hear that here.

Graham has since been in touch with some lovely photographs of the trees he’d notified me of, he’s actually been and photographed them specially. So Keighley is most definitely on the map. Thanks Graham!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 13.12.41

Graham’s finds, for starters, are BD7 and BD8, a fine pair on Bogthorn in Oakworth.

BD7 and BD8

BD7 and BD8

A very fine tree on Slaymaker Lane, BD9.



Ferncliffe Drive, BD10.


BD10 (Google image)

Providence Lane in Oakworth, BD11.

BD11 Fieldgate Providence Lane Oakworth BD22 7QR copy

And the last one for now, in Oakworth Park (on the map it’s called Holden Park, but apparently everyone calls it Oakworth Park), BD12. This was the site of Oakworth house, which was a large Italianate villa built from 1864-1874 by architect George Smith at a cost of £80,000 for Sir Isaac Holden – a monkey puzzle tree will have been an absolute must!

BD12 Oakworth Park Oakworth. copy


I note there is also a bowling green here, and wonder if you’d like to send me a photo of that for my smaller project about bowling greens – here.

It’s interesting that Graham is keen to grow his own tree. One of the things I’m often asked about is about growing your own monkey puzzle trees, so I’m going to put up a page about propagation – from seed – so if you do have any tips please send them in so I can include them.

So thanks to Graham for putting Keighley on the map. Keep your eyes peeled!


This ‘Monkey Map’ project is a personal project and the work of me, Sarah Horton.
I am helped by my task of cataloguing all monkeys by keen monkey puzzle hunters who also do this in their free time.
It is a work of personal passion and brings me great joy. Thank you everyone for your support.

2 thoughts on “Keighley calling

  1. I’ve seen most of those myself, and know the Bogthorn pair very well! I know of several more in the Keighley area. Sutton-in-Craven is a local hotspot, but one was cruelly chopped down about a year ago. I miss it.

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