Monkey news

I have a few pieces of monkey news to announce.

A new agent, Agent Cinephile. Welcome. I am assuming from the agent’s chosen name that films play an important role in his life? Interestingly a funeral director recently told me about a film that features a monkey puzzle tree. Really. The film is ‘The Ghost and Mrs Muir’, a 1947 is a romantic fantasy film starring Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison and Natalie Wood. When the character Natalie Wood plays moves into Gull Cottage she cuts down the monkey puzzle tree, and … well, the main thing is she cuts down the monkey puzzle tree. There was also a TV series from 1968 to 1970 based on the film. I tried to find an image from the film featuring a monkey puzzle tree, but didn’t succeed. But I did find this episode of the TV series, which didn’t feature a monkey puzzle tree that I could see.

MPT title from Ghost and Mrs Muir

Anyway, I don’t know if monkey puzzle trees feature in any films, but it was an interesting link. Welcome Agent Cinephile.

I am behind on the catalogue, but I wanted to post this interesting avenue of trees in RG from Fi Young. As part of her work with the WDVTA, the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association, she sent me the details of 12 trees from their database. These form an interesting avenue of trees for the main drive of Wellington College in Berkshire. Interestingly they are planted with other trees (I can’t tell from the photo what they are), but this is the first time we’ve seen a ‘double row’ avenue of monkey puzzle trees.

RG9 to RG20

I really like monkey puzzle tree avenues, and this is a very nice example, thank you Fi.

I have a couple of monkey puzzle forests that I want to mention. First at Robin Hoods Bower near Warminster in the BA postcode. These are featured on Danny Howell’s blog – here. It looks like there must be at least 100 trees there, possibly an example of using monkey puzzle trees as a forestry tree. Danny very kindly offered to take his dog there and count the trees for the collection.

Also, Agent John in Fife spotted a reference to monkey puzzle trees along the A1 in Northumbria near Haggerston. This was the home of Christopher Leyland, who moved here in 1889 – his story is here. In this article it says, ‘He planted thousands of trees, including monkey puzzles, and many still grow in nearby Kyloe Woods.’ Indeed, and John was able to find some of those on Google, but it looks like there could be plenty more there to be discovered. Good work.

And finally, I was astonished to receive emails from Agent Green and Agent Baxter just hours after publishing the last Postcode Challenge update!

Agent Green, who is based in the London area has successfully found the first tree in UB in Oldfield Lane North in Greenford (postcode area UB6) which he is planning to visit this weekend. You may recall that Agent Green runs his own blog featuring monkey puzzle trees, but only those he has seen in person. In the same email he reported a tree in LU too, in the LU7 postcode area of Eggington, which he will also visit. An hour later he sent me details of another tree in UB – so well done Agent Green! This weekend, Agent Green is investigating an avenue of trees in LU! This is very near Leighton Buzzard, which is my place of birth.

Later that evening Agent Baxter had tracked down a tree in TA in Westleigh Road – so I’ll include that in the TA catalogue.*  He also sent me a LU find in Montrose Avenue, and the same tree in Oldfield Lane in UB. Well done both of you. Really you are so very tenacious.

So, just a quick update from Monkey Map. Have a lovely weekend, and remember to keep your eyes peeled!

*Note (31 January 2016) – But under the new guidelines Google Streetview trees will no longer be accepted, they must be trees you have seen yourself, more here. So the TA catalogue is without it’s first real find.

Submissions to be made through the submission form. Thank you.

This ‘Monkey Map’ project is a personal project and the work of me, Sarah Horton.
I am helped by my task of cataloguing all monkeys by keen monkey puzzle hunters who also do this in their free time.
Thank you everyone for your support.


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