Knowing how much you all like a challenge I have something for you.

I have a small number of monkey puzzle trees, all located in Cornwall, but I don’t have their accurate locations. Can you help?

Agent John in Fife sent me these, and is fairly sure these are in gardens in Newquay, which is postcode TR.

There are some more from John’s trip, pictured below, well, they could be anywhere en route to or from Bristol airport… which is a pretty wide field I know!

I do in fact have a couple of other Cornwall unidentified trees, some more holiday finds. These are from Matthew Pottage’s collection – which is a lovely collection of his finds mostly around where he grew up in East Riding of Yorkshire, but also on various trips across the UK. You can read about his collection here.

I’ve catalogued these trees as PL2 and PL3, and PL4 – but of course they could be in the TR postcode.

So do you recognise any of these trees? If so please let me know. Thank you.

I’m just off to Cornwall myself, I’ll be staying at Porthtowan, the purple marker on the map below, and will of course be keeping my eyes peeled. It’s interesting to see the spread of monkey puzzle trees in Cornwall.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.33.42

They are mostly located on the south edge, the majority of these found in the PL area by Agent Jim on his motorbike, he also expanded into TR and then EX. And of course, the postcode area TA, Taunton, has no trees yet, so a special eye will be kept as we travel through there.

So if you’ve found a monkey puzzle tree – in Cornwall or anywhere else, please do send it in to add to the catalogue, I now prefer to receive them through the submissions form which you can find here. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Cornwall

  1. Oo good luck with this! Are you interested in other monkey puzzles in Cornwall? There are a lot about, I have always lived them, so primative looking!!

    • Thank you…. over 4,000 trees now and counting! Yes interested in all monkey puzzle trees so if you have new finds in Cornwall please send them in. Nice to meet other MPT fans.

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