They just keep coming…


Hello everyone, and thanks for all your submissions, here are more recent finds:

Agent Philip and Agent Lindsey, what stars you are! Here are your recent finds in the CH area where you continually surprise me by finding even more trees… photos below show CH168 to CH174, and a lovely photo of Lindsey as well…

And here are CH175 to CH179:

And Agent Philip has his own monkey sanctuary, and with 40 young monkey puzzle trees.

CH A Philip sanctuary

Well done both Agent Philip and Agent Lindsey.

Another lovely cemetery monkey puzzle tree, I think they are always right at home in cemeteries. This is from Robert Ross who works around Scotland with Commonwealth War Graves Commission and is now keeping his eyes peeled. Thanks Robert!

SN42 Devizes Cemetery Robert Ross

SN42, Devizes Cemetery.

Robert also tells me there at least ten here in Welshill Cemetery in Perth. I can spot seven in this photo.

PH51 to 60 Welshill Cemetery Robert Ross

Ed Mathison confused me by sending these two little ‘uns (although as we’ve seen they are probably too close to the house come another couple of decades). I assumed they were in London, but he was off his home patch and up in Edinburgh. Ah. Thanks Ed. Reminder for everyone – please if possible use the submissions form and give me postcode details and clear location. Thank you!

EH16 and 17 corner Ravelston Dykes Road copy

EH16 and EH17. Cute?

A couple more in EH from Agent John in Fife:

And whilst we’re in Scotland, here’s a well hidden tree in FK. Even our trusty AJIF was unable get any closer as there were electric gates on the driveway to the house… (Tsk, John shouldn’t let a few hundred volts stop you doing your work!)

FK12 near Dunblane


And also in Scotland we have the tree John called the G&Tree… for obvious reasons.

KY53 with van KY11 9LA


KY53 pairs well with DD79, as they both contain bridges (the Forth Road bridge and the Tay Road bridge).

Pamela Smith sent me this photo on Twitter, from  Pannet Park in Whitby, and there’s two nice trees there. Thank you Pamela, our first in Whitby, and that area isn’t well represented with MPTs.

YO27 and 28 Pannet Park Whitby Pamela Smith copy

YO27 and YO28.

Viewed distantly, from Agent Philip, is this tree at York racecourse.

YO29 York Racecourse A Philip copy


Thanks to Gordon Blackett who sent this tree in from Wolsingham. No I didn’t know where that was either. It’s in DL, and to the south west of Durham.

DL4 Church Lane Wolsingham


Lovely as always to hear from Agent Millwall MPT, our very own monkey puzzle tree with Agent status. Over in BR:

BR15 26 Staion Road Orpington BR6 A Millwall MPT


And to finish a tree near Carlisle (poorly represented for monkey puzzle trees), this is CA10 from Agent John in Fife.

CA10 Scotby Rd aJIF


3,689 trees… and counting.

So if you’ve found a monkey puzzle tree and would like to see it featured here, please do send it in to add to the catalogue, I now prefer to receive them through the submissions form which you can find here. Thank you.


This ‘Monkey Map’ project is a personal project and the work of me, Sarah Horton.
I am helped by my task of cataloguing all monkeys by keen monkey puzzle hunters who also do this in their free time.
Thank you everyone for your support.



One thought on “They just keep coming…

  1. Monkey trees have been an interest on my Watford town memories site discussion ensued as to where any us saw the growing bad children one I Leavesdsen anothervoerson remembers one in st Albans riadband I recall one either in Shepherds road or it might have been Park ave all in Watford. My memory isnt so good gave lived in Canada 60 year’s but do remember my mum talking about ,on key trees. I see you are collecting locations and wondered if this is of any help

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