About me

I am Sarah Horton, creator of the Monkey Map project. As of May 2016, my work here at Monkey Map is done.

My own modest plot of earth is a calm urban space which I have created at my allotment in Liverpool – Plot 44, Greenbank Allotments. I’ve gardened here since 2001, tending and enjoying nature and also sitting and making meals around a fire. I grow mostly ornamental plants and trees that interest me. I have a particular interest in southern hemisphere plants and enjoy finding what will grow in the gulf stream enchanced climate of Liverpool, but have been challenged by increasing cold winters and heavy rainfall. I am qualified with my RHS Certificate of Horticulture and lots of my knowledge is self-taught.

I enjoy walking and like nothing more than spending a day observing nature, and can often be found with my head in Francis Rose’s wildflower guide. I also make renowned quiches, jam tarts, and lemon curd and marmalade.

I am self-employed and work as an independent funeral celebrant, working in and around Liverpool creating individual funeral services, which I find hugely rewarding. And I am the partner of Ronnie Hughes, who writes passionately and lovingly about life in and around Liverpool on his blog a sense of place.

On the Monkey Map, trees have been catalogued by the postcode area where they are found in the UK, and by country internationally. Trees are found by me, and also increasingly by a number of other enthusiasts and ‘Agents’ across the UK, and the world, who send me details of their findings. Many of these are Twitter friends who have contributed their sightings of monkeys to our growing catalogue. Most monkeys are in the UK, but we even have some international monkeys as well. Thanks everyone for your contributions.

I am no longer cataloguing Submissions to the Monkey Map. Thank you for your interest.


10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Sarah I was fortunate enough today to buy a cutting of a monkey puzzle tree from a stall at my village market Lenham in Kent. I love monkey puzzle trees having seen and adored one in my local park as a child (i will map that one too). I was delighted when I saw it and the lady selling it was so pleased that I recognised it. She was selling on behalf of a couple (she had 3 cuttings) who had germinated them and said they would be so pleased; she said some people had been wary when I asked if she had had a lot of interest…I hope she sold them all. I was delighted and got a bargain too after researching the price of them.

  2. Hi Sarah

    I have a couple of stories about the MPT. The first time they came to my notice was back in 2000 when i was a delivery driver in the South Bucks area. I was delivering a parcel to a school in Beconsfield. There was a great deal of activity at the front of the school. They were cutting down a giant tree. At that time I didn’t know anything about this tree. I managed to get a slice of the trunk into the van and took it home. It measured 47 inches across and I counted (as best I could) 78 rings. The piece of trunk was made into a garden chair. Later I asked at the school about the tree and was told it had been 65 metres tall. Why it was cut down I couldn’t find out.

    I was intrigued and began to log every tree i came across in the area. By the time i retired in 2012 I had a list of 350.

    A friend of was competing in a triathlon in Holten, Holland. I went along to support and was amazed to see that virtually every garden in the town had a MPT. They were all about 6 metres tall.

    More recently I visited London Zoo. They have planted MPTs everywhere;

    Alan Sindall

  3. Hi there, we’re looking to plant a monkey puzzle, but I’m struggling to find a reputable supplier. Im loathed to get one from the Internet, and wondered if you knew any good places around Kent.


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